The Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) is a non-profit organization that provides a professional development forum for government and industry leaders to collaborate and innovate on mission critical solutions enabled through IT. The council is comprised of a government only Board of Directors, an Executive Advisory Committee of Industry executives, Board and EAC Associates and a Federal Executive Advisory Committee. All work to together to support the delivery of high quality and cost-effective Information Technology services to their customers.


Membership in GITEC is open and complimentary to all employees of the public sector, to include federal, state, local and tribal governmental organizations.

GITEC Board of Directors

The GITEC board is comprised of senior government IT executives who supervise the affairs of the Council. They collaborate with other government and industry leaders to share information, educate the public and solve real government information technology challenges.

The Executive Advisory Committee (EAC)

The GITEC EAC, comprised of industry individuals, assists the Council in furthering the partnership between government and industry by facilitating the sharing of information technology information on technical, management, and educational issues. The EAC works closely with the Board to carry out their duties.

GITEC Associates

GITEC Associates are a cadre of government and industry representatives that provide support to the Council to enhance the Council’s activities and will be mentored by a member of the Board or EAC.

Federal Executive Advisory Committee (FEAC)

The FEAC is a government advisory committee that provides guidance and recommendations on issues referred by the Council. The FEAC also supports the Council’s activities.