August 24 – GITEC Local Event: Getting the Most Value Out of your End-of-Year Priorities

GITEC is excited to host the first Local Event of the 2017-2018 season! Mark your calendar for August 24.

With an increased focus of the administration on IT Modernization, this event will focus on topics such as strategy, acquisitions, human capital, technology challenges and innovations. The conversation will connect legislation, executive orders and special publications to the technology and services which enables the various agency missions. There will also be a focus on new offices, such as the Office of American Innovation and the American Technology Council to understand the initiatives and priorities to move the federal government forward. The need for public and private partnership is more important now than ever before and we will have thought leaders and change agents provide perspectives to aide in introducing improvements and innovations.

Our keynote speaker and government panel will discuss:

  • Legislation and guidance driving IT modernization
  • Challenges with Legacy IT and modernization
  • Methods of introducing innovative technologies to the enterprise and program office
  • Resources needed to executive the agency technology roadmap
  • Procurement priorities to aid agencies mission critical applications

Sponsorships available. Register today.