What is GITEC’s mission and purpose?

The Government Information Technology Executive Council (GITEC) is a non-profit organization that provides a professional development forum for government and industry leaders to collaborate and innovate on mission critical solutions enabled through IT.

What are GITEC’s Goals?

The Council exists to:

  • Provide a forum for government executives to network and to discuss and share current experiences and best practices related to information technology
  • Collaborate with the private sector to exchange ideas to advance government through information technology
  • Facilitate a conversation to discuss comprehensive and implementable solutions to solve real government information technology challenges
  • Hold information technology educational and training sessions pertinent to advancing government

When and why was GITEC formed?

The organization was originally established in 1966 and was called the Federal Data Center Directors Council (FDCDC) and was comprised of government data center managers to share information across the federal sector. As technology evolved, the Council of Data Center Directors was renamed as the Government Information Technology Council (GITEC) to broaden its scope beyond the data center. In addition to having a board of directors, GITEC created an Executive Advisory Council (EAC) composed of private sector leaders to cultivate information sharing between federal and private sector leaders to advance government.

What’s GITEC organizational structure?

GITEC is led by a Board of government IT senior executives, an Executive Advisory Council (EAC) of private sector IT leaders, and government Associates.

What types of events are held by GITEC?

GITEC holds a multi-day annual Summit to discuss current and relevant government and information technology topics. In addition, GITEC holds other smaller half-day local events to facilitate the exchange of information.

Who should attend a GITEC event?

Anyone who is responsible for implementing and supporting information technology solutions in the government should attend a GITEC event.

Why join the GITEC Board?

GITEC provides an opportunity for senior government IT executives to collaborate with other government and industry leaders to share information and to solve real government information technology challenges.

Why join the EAC?

GITEC provides an opportunity for industry leaders to partner and build relationships with government leaders to help advance information technology in the government.